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Testing adding the portfolio shortcakes to posts.

International Women’s Day animation

Animation highlighting Emerald’s commitment International Women’s day and the steps that the company is taking to increase equality and representation among its community of authors and researchers.

Company timeline


Map sequence with callout

map sequence info

Social media tips

Social media tips information

Smart traffic exhibition

Pathways motion sequence

Pathways motion sequence info

Supporting Leeds Pride


Social logo reveal


Infographic design

This infographic constituted a guest cover for The Management Journal promoting Bradford as a destination city for business.

#LoveBradford brand creation

Brand creation for the Love Bradford Guinness World Record attempt. This was rolled out across a full range of digital formats including the Bradford big screen digital display and printed items including tshirts.

Food illustrations

A range of different foods created for the Balanced Bodies educational resource, promoting healthy eating.

Exhibition concept and mockup

Stand design for an exhibition. SketchUp was used to mock up creative at scale within a representation of the exhibition space to demonstrate how items would work together and to plan positioning of furniture and use of area.

Diversity & Inclusion infographic

Infographic plotting Sweco’s progress and goals for promoting diversity and inclusion within the company.

Producer City brand creation

Three options for logo and brand style for a campaign to secure funding and position Bradford as a Producer City. 

Seasonal charity work round-up


Visit Bradford tourism guides

Large run, 32 page visitor guide detailing key attractions within Bradford District and distributed to tourist informations centres around the UK.

Bradford festival

Creative for integrated marketing campaign for Bradford’s annual flagship festival. Applied across a full range of formats including on-site branding and stage graphics.

Health illustrations

Information Educational resource used in schools whereby teachers and pupils can print and cut out papercraft anatomy parts to learn about their position in the body, what they do and how people can stay healthy.

Animated graph with dialogue

Animated infographic sequenced to display elements in time with a voiceover explanation.

Seasonal countdown calendar

Information Technical motion graphics for a daily festive internal comms campaign.

Classic car show

Vintage police car illustration created as an asset for the Bradford Classic car show promotional material.

Food and drink festival

Brand creation for a high profile food festival held at multiple venues across the city. Shown here is initial development consisting of some illustrated creative typography – with final artwork shown on the right. The promotional leaflet also included a custom, hand-drawn map of the event area detailing locations of various attractions.

Young people with disabilities group

A working group comprised of young people with disabilities were asked to design their own characters to feature in a regular ongoing newsletter. As well as a drawing they were asked to write down a description and other details about their character’s hobbies. This information was used to create a series of high quality illustrations […]

Talking Children

4 page, fully illustrated comics distributed to schoolchildren to promote parental involvement. A list of key points to cover was provided which I had to storyboard and write a script based around. Once the script and rough storyboard was approved, sketches were created for further signoff. These were then digitally inked and coloured for the […]

The Inclusive Place

Infographics produced for Bradford Metropolitan District Council working in partnership with Leeds City Region detailing many aspirational factors for a modern, successful town.

Stop the excuses

Recycling campaign based around caricaturing common excuses for not recycling. Different characters were used to target local residents and businesses.

Celebrating diverse religions

One of a series of animations featuring video blog sequences created by staff talking about their faith and religion. These videos were created to increase cultural awareness, highlight the diversity of the Emerald community and the work done by the company around inclusivity and supporting colleagues of all backgrounds.

Emerald eBooks animation

Animation showcasing Emerald’s range of eBook publications. A subsequent update to this animation ran on screen on Emerald’s stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Routes to publication animation

Animation highlighting the different ways writers can submit work for Open Access publication. The hummingbird elements were created in Illustrator and assembled in After Effects in 3D to give the appearance of origami.

Emerald Submit promo

Animation based on screen interactions of Emerald’s Submit portal designed to assist potential authors with the publishing process. A storyboard consisting of low res screen grabs, written content and direction instructions was provided by the client. High resolution screen grabs of the site were taken, with mouse behaviour and UI features recreated in After Effects […]

Park and Read window vinyls

Window vinyls for a temporary pop-up children’s library in Bradford’s City Park. Featuring continuous design featuring full-colour, hand-drawn illustrations produced in Adobe Illustrator with transparent areas incorporated into the design. Elements were re-used on supporting marketing materials and communications.

Getting to school safely

Fully illustrated 36 page booklet distributed in schools and used as educational material for road safety lessons offering guidance for children and parents to help them stay safe around traffic while making the journey to school. A second book was created giving advice on how to make journies by car safer too, as well as […]

Travel for young people in West Yorkshire

Information for secondary age children with safety advice on walking, cycling and accessing public transport when travelling to and from school.

Bradford civic crest vector update

Having used a bitmap scan for many years, the opportunity arose to produce a highly detailed vector graphic of the Bradford civic crest. This meant being able to print at very large sizes for building wraps over scaffolding as a number of high profile rennovations took place in the city centre. Detail was then scaled […]

City Library

Signage and manifestation for the new Bradford City Library was designed fully in-house making use of large windows at the new site. Creative glass manifestation was incorporated by designing a bookshelf motif which runs throughout the library where certain book shapes were picked out in brand colours. Temporary branded window vinyls were designed and used […]

Emerald Insight product video

Animation based on screen interactions walking viewers through the many, enhanced features of Emerald’s Insight platform where customers can purchase access to Journals and research papers. A storyboard consisting of low res screen grabs, written content and direction instructions was provided by the client. High resolution screen grabs of the site were taken, with mouse […]

International Literacy Day animation

Animation highlighting issues around global literacy and how researchers and publishers can play a role in improving outcomes for people around the world. 

Process Infographics

Process diagrams featured in promotional brochures and presentations used as part of project submissions and at exhibitions.

Horton Housing Annual Review

36 page A4 Annual report featuring die cut cover to reveal interior infographic.

Bus Reform animated explainer

Animated video to explain the case for public consultation around bringing operation of the bus network into Combined Authority control.

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